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[Translate to Englisch:] Der Bürgermeister der Stadt Nienburg, Jan Wendorf (2.v. re.), IHK Geschäftsstellenleiter für Nienburg, Andreas Raetsch (1. v. li.) und CLASSIC OIL Geschäftsführer, Lorenz Kiene (1. v. re.) informieren sich zur Eröffnungsfeier der neuen CAC Betriebsstätte in Nienburg gemeinsam mit CAC Geschäftsführer Jörg Engelmann über die Aktivitäten des Unternehmens in Nienburg

Expansion to Nienburg: CAC opens new facility in Lower Saxony

The decision to expand to the nearby climatic community of Steyerberg underlines the Chemnitz-based engineering service provider's continuous growth and strategic orientation in the field of plant construction. The town of Nienburg was chosen due to its geographical proximity to the Steyerberg chemical site in order to benefit from the local talent pool and at the same time ensure improved customer proximity in the region. With the expansion, the 60-year-old Saxon company aims to increase its engineering capacities in the chemical industry. CAC plans to drive its growth by utilising new, innovative technologies for the production of renewable hydrogen, including its derivatives such as climate-neutral, synthetic fuels, also known as e-fuels, based on methanol.

CAC has already been able to recruit the first engineers with professional and operational experience from the recently closed Oxxynova production facility for the office. The new facility is designed as a modern open workspace office and is intended to provide a secure workplace for up to 12 colleagues from various engineering trades in Nienburg in order to respond flexibly to customer needs and process orders.

CAC's service portfolio includes authorisation management, commissioning planning, process and plant engineering, and services for companies, e.g. with regard to periodic inspections, safety management, etc.


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