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Project management

We are characterized by strong, solution-oriented project management and know-how. This guarantees the realization of engineering services and EPC projects with the highest quality, in accordance with consistent standards of safety and environmental protection as well as a high level of added value – for safe, reliable plants in the future.

  • Leadership of the project team
  • Scheduling
  • Progress monitoring
  • Cost calculation
  • Cost controlling
  • Document management
  • Export financing

    We have an experienced project management team, formed in accordance with the matrix principle - each project has its own, dedicated team of experts.

    The foundations of our work comprise our experience and proven system of project guidelines and specialist instructions. Project management assumes full responsibility for targets and results. In this function it is the first point of contact for all technical, schedule and contract issues.

    As we give projects the highest priority, our project managers also only report directly to the management board.

    Our project managers are given direct support by the following organizational units, using state-of-the-art software systems: 

    • Time and progress monitoring (PRIMAVERA)
    • Cost controlling (SAP)
    • Document management (PIRS)
    • Purchasing, incl. expediting and shipping (SAP)
    • Material management (SAP, Pipebuilder)
    • Construction site management (Pipebuilder)
    • Quality management
    • Calculation
    • Language service
    • IT services
    • Legal services

    Export financing

    The construction of complex plants requires high investment and typically takes many months. Consequently, we incorporate the question of the financial concept into our considerations from the very beginning. From profitability calculation to the drafting of technical and economic feasibility studies and assistance in the drafting of investment plans to complex project financing, we can provide our customers with expert advice and support. Just as we place maximum emphasis on efficient solutions in the technological concept, in organizing financing we also take account of factors such as the markets of our customers, the location and construction time of the plant as well as national opportunities and limitations. Our extensive experience allows us to offer tailored solutions for the financing of projects and access a network of national and international financial services providers.