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Who are we?

We promise you a successful partnership

For you, co-operation with us means: Ideas, expertise and certainty within the scope of transparent and objective project management.

To achieve this, we provide our customers with a team of experts tailored to the requirements of their project. This team is focused solely on their projects and assignments. This means that you can always find professional contacts who can make swift decisions and respond to detailed queries. This serves to minimize friction whilst optimizing savings of both time and expense.




The foundations of the Chemnitz chemical plant engineering enterprise CAC were laid as early as 1811. This was the year that tradesman Johann Samuel Schwalbe founded an engineering manufacturing operation in Chemnitz, Saxony, from which the well-known Germania engineering works subsequently emerged.

Since 1964 large-scale plants has been planned, delivered and commissioned from the Chemnitz site for the chemical sector in diverse markets in Germany and abroad. The company Anlagenbau Chemnitz evolved into a specialist firm in the field of international chemical plant engineering.
In the course of the social and economic changes in Germany after reunification, in 1990 the company was acquired by Lurgi AG of Frankfurt am Main, a longstanding engineering company with operations worldwide. In the following 14 years numerous major projects were undertaken in collaboration with Lurgi AG as well as independently.
Since 1 April 2004, when the company was re-established in the scope of a management buy-out (MBO), we have once again been operating as an owner-managed, family-run company in both traditional and new fields of business.








2005 und 2006






Founding of the engineering workshop in Chemnitz

Founder Johann Samuel Schwalbe

The origins of present-day CAC can be traced back to the tradesman Johann Samuel Schwalbe, who founded his engineering workshop in Chemnitz in 1811.

Maschinenfabrik Germania formerly J. S. Schwalbe & Sohn

In 1873 the firm became a public limited company, taking the name “Maschinenfabrik Germania vormals J. S. Schwalbe & Sohn” - Maschinenfabrik Germania, formerly J. S. Schwalbe & Sohn.

At the beginning of the 20th century the engineering firm already boasted several subsidiaries in the Chemnitz region. By this time the export trade had already expanded to South and Central America, Australia, China and Russia. In the years up to the Second World War the firm was struggling with crises and shortages, although production continued.


End of the war and a new beginning as VEB Germania

VEB Germania production halls

Following the complete destruction of the main Germania site by Allied bombing, the reconstruction of the engineering plant began using the modest means available.

 One year after the end of the war over 1,000 companies in Saxony were nationalized and passed into state ownership. It was thanks to the dedication of its employees that operations continued from July 1946 under a new name:  Volkseigener Betrieb (VEB) Maschinenfabrik Germania. The intention was to switch from manufacturing machines to producing apparatus for the chemical industry. This rapidly became one of the most important industrial sectors in the GDR.

Establishment of plant engineering operations

Administration building of VEB Germania in 1960. The plant construction department sat on the fifth and sixth floors.

To promote the chemical industry, in 1958 the GDR initiated a program for its further development. The apparatus engineering activities of VEB Germania were joined by a plant engineering department.

Founding of VEB Anlagenbau Karl-Marx-Stadt

Fertiliser complex in Schwedt: assembly of the British-made reactor for the ammonia plant

From October 1964 the plant and apparatus engineering operations went their separate ways, establishing two principal areas of activity. Plant engineering was subsequently given the name VEB Anlagenbau and was the predecessor of what is now CAC. Apparatus construction operations continued under the name VEB Germania.

Since 1964 chemical plants have been planned, delivered and commissioned from the Chemnitz site for diverse markets in Germany and abroad. The company Anlagenbau Chemnitz evolved into a specialist firm in the field of international chemical plant engineering.  The first years of operation already saw it achieve successes in Schwedt as well as Leuna.

Founding of Lurgi Anlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH and incorporation into the Lurgi Group

Headquarters of Lurgi Anlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH

In the course of the social and economic changes in Germany after reunification, in 1990 the company was acquired by Lurgi AG of Frankfurt am Main, a longstanding engineering company with operations worldwide. In the following 14 years numerous major projects were undertaken in collaboration with Lurgi AG as well as independently.

Establishment of Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH (CAC) as an independent company

CAC headquarters after reconstruction in 2005

Since 1 April 2004, when the company was re-established in the scope of a management buy-out (MBO), we have once again been operating in our traditional fields of business.



Logos of the company HUGO PETERSEN and BiProTech

CAC is also on course for expansion in the new millennium. With the takeover of the HUGO PETERSEN company in 2005 and the merger with the Polish firm BiProTech in 2006 key steps were taken to expand plant engineering capacity.

Beginning of technological development for synthetic gasoline (e-fuels)

Large-scale test facility for the production of synthetic petrol (e-fuels) on the premises of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg

How can climate-neutral gasoline be produced from CO2, water and renewable electricity? CAC has answered this question with an innovative new procedure. It has planned and erected Europe’s largest demonstration plant for the manufacture of synthetic gasoline at TU Freiberg. By 2013 100,000 l of stable gasoline had been produced, with more than 3,600 operating hours completed since 2010.

Beginning of technological development for synthetic kerosene (e-fuels)

Aircraft in the hangar

As is the case with synthetic gasoline, our technological development for synthetic aviation fuel (SAF) is based on methanol. SAF can be blended with conventional kerosene or replace it completely.

Market readiness for CAC’s synthetic gasoline

CAC produces synthetic gasolin from electricity, water and CO2

In the scope of the C3 Mobility research project, 46,000 liters of synthetic gasoline were produced in the demonstration plant in Freiberg. This was made available to international car and motorcycle manufacturers for engine and fleet testing. The result: The gasoline demonstrates 100 percent compatibility with the existing vehicle fleet. This means that every vehicle with a gasoline engine can be driven in an environmentally-friendly manner.

World première with e-fuel at the 24h-race at the Nürburgring

Toyota Supra GT4 at the 24h race

Following the 24-hour endurance test with our innovative synthetic Racing eFuels98, all expectations are met with 3rd place in the Alternative Fuels category. For the first time, the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe (TGR-E) United works team began the race with a vehicle that is powered not by fossil fuels, but rather by climate-friendly and almost CO2-neutral, synthetic fuel. Up to 90 percent less CO2 was emitted.

We look forward to 20 years of CAC company anniversary

CAC logo people formation

We look forward to 20 years of CAC company anniversary

Vision & Value


Our values and the message “always an idea ahead” form the basis for our conduct, image and responsibility. We always want to be an idea ahead, both technologically and with regard to our corporate responsibility towards our employees, business partners, institutions and local associations.



The human touch

People are the source of our ideas. Always.

We are a family business. For employees and customers. Family and proximity count: At the negotiating table, work table and lunch table: We transform work time into family time. Break time into time for contacts and living. Work-life balance is just the beginning. We nurture a culture of togetherness. We recognize needs and take proximity personally – with short, direct channels to decision makers and solutions. Having all engineering disciplines under one roof means that doors will open instead of mail boxes. We value all origins and affiliations, regional and global. We reconcile body and soul in harmony with regional sport sponsoring and as sparring partner for employees – in theory and practice.


Reliability is the stability of our ideas. Always.

We are a safe address. Stay by the side of our customers, far beyond handover or commissioning. The date, the budget, quality and safety are our laws, and we abide by them. Our promises carry weight, are binding and loyal. We remain persistent and dependable in every situation – with intelligent solutions. We are the solid ground beneath the feet of our customers, employees and every idea. We keep appointments and promises - and can withstand a lot.


Diversity is the strength of our ideas. Always.

We have an international orientation: For ideas, technologies, specialist areas, tasks, countries and: people. We have successfully realized plant engineering projects in 50 countries worldwide, leaving behind our footprint. CAC provides a new home for employees from numerous different nations. We are versatile and adept. Medium in size, yet great in flexibility. Open to personal self-realization and development. CAC is a world of diversity and evolution: For projects, people and future. For global and personal growth. Including beyond our own boundaries. We live and love engineering in all aspects.


Experience is the foundation of our ideas. Always.

We have history. We have origins and roots. And beginnings in the year 1811. Tradition is the grounding, the foundation of our know-how and viable visions of today. We gather experience, ability and knowledge and pass them on. To customers and employees. We combine old and young with guarantee of success, we are a place of generations. We create trust and certainty through stability. In the world, in the company and on our doorstep.

Quality management

The applicable laws and standards are implemented by us via qualified and continuously trained personnel on a project-specific basis. This is based upon a seamless system of quality assurance across all stages of project management.

QM principles

We have a quality management system (QM system) that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The QM system regulates the processes for all phases of planning and realization of plant construction projects, from the customer inquiry to the conducting of the performance test run of a plant. Observance of customer-side quality specifications is therefore an essential prerequisite for a longlasting customer relationship. In this, the quality of our engineering services including the goods and services of third parties specified by us is influenced to a significant extent by the high level of qualification of our employees, our experience from assignments already completed and our sense of responsibility for achieving the best possible realization of the respective project-specific tasks. A further key and integral element of our QM system is HES‑management (health, safety and environmental protection), which is certified to the SCCP‑standard. This ensures that in the course of the realization of a project all of the requirements of the respectively applicable laws and regulations as well as requirements of necessary approvals regarding this are observed in accordance with the contract. 

Documentation of the QM system

The CAC quality management system consists of the following four levels: 

  • Quality manual with general description of the system
  • QM instructions of the company
  • Work instructions regulating processes and responsibilities
  • Technical instructions for CAC regulate work processes in detail
  • Work documents (works standards & forms)

Certification by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH

The introduction and application of the CAC QM system according to ISO 9001:2008 was certified by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH and is subject to monitoring and repeat audits in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions. The updating to ISO 9001:2015 also occurred within the scope of this. The auditing of the safety management system occurs to the same extent, with verification that the requirements of the safety certificate contractors (SCC Version 2011) are fulfilled. The transition to the SCC-VAZ 2021 system occurred in 2022.



We communicate with our employees and business partners in a respectful, honest, transparent and, above all, professional manner and we ensure that any public statement made on behalf of the company is true, accurate and unambiguous.


Each of us is entitled to be treated fairly, with courtesy and respect.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equality

We promote a corporate culture of mutual respect so that each and every one of us is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of skin color, nationality, religion, disability, gender, age or marital status. We do not tolerate discrimination and do not allow for any kind of harassment.

Human Rights

We are committed to the human rights laid down in international conventions and advocate respect for and compliance with them. We strictly reject all forms of exploitation such as forced and child labour and illegal forms of employment such as undeclared work.

Prevention of Money Laundering

Money laundering has serious consequences for the general public and is neither tolerated nor encouraged by our company. We observe and comply with all applicable laws regarding financial recording, accounting and financial disclosure.

Fair Competition

We do not tolerate any violations of applicable competition laws and strictly adhere to import and export control regulations, trade sanctions and customs procedures.

Conflicts of Interest

Our employees strictly separate business and private interests. They will not use their position in the company to gain any advantages for themselves or their private environment.

Fighting Corruption

We are committed to honest and fair business practices and do not tolerate bribery or corruptibility. Our employees do not accept or grant any benefits in kind, money or services.

Company Property

Our assets and resources may only be used in the best interests of the company and for legitimate business purposes in accordance with the company’s internal guidelines and procedures.

Information Security

Our objective is to protect any and all information that is received, generated, processed, stored and destroyed in connection with our business activities and to comply with legal regulations, customer-specific requirements as well as contractual obligations.


We respect and honor the right of every person to decide for themselves how their personal data is used. When processing personal data, our employees strictly adhere to the applicable European and national regulations.

Insider Information & Insider Trading

We do not use non-public information regarding our company, our clients, partners and vendors for personal financial gain or advantage.

Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

We bear responsibility for and take care of our surroundings and our environment. In the course of their work, our employees prevent the occurrence of harmful environmental impacts and handle natural resources with care.

An open ear for everyone

Our Code of Conduct describes the principles and rules for our actions. In order to help us identifying possible violations of laws or guidelines, you can report them here.