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Media / Press


Welcome to the press area of CAC ENGINEERING GMBH: A service for journalists.

Please direct your enquiries to our press officer:
Antje Wappler
Phone: +49 371 6899108
E-mail: antje.wappler(at)

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Download area

The CAC download area contains photos, videos and illustrations regarding our company, our management and our worldwide plants and activities.

Please observe the following rules:

  • Copyright to this image and film material remains with CAC.
  • Private use of the photos is permitted unless revoked.
  • There is no fee for use within the scope of editorial reporting for CAC.
  • For other purposes the prior agreement of CAC is required.
  • Commercial use, including for advertising purposes, is not permitted.


Logo download such as this here possible? With dropdown menu

The logo is the unique identifying symbol of CAC. It represents the expertise and success of our brand. In its form, the logo constitutes a fixed, unchanging unit of image and word mark. The standard version of the logo consists of two elements– the CAC signet and the claim or corporate name. Both elements are a key component of CAC ENGINEERING GMBH (CAC). They are linked to one another and are defined via a fixed distance to one another. You can read here how to use the CAC logo correctly.

The most important guidelines to using the logo:

  • The logo should always be used in optimal quality (original artwork).
  • The minimum size of the CAC logo is 25 mm in width.
  • If the logo is required in a smaller size than the minimum size (25 mm width), only the CAC signet is used. The minimum size of the CAC signet is 12.5 mm in width.
  • The Registered Trade Mark sign ® then has the same size as with the 25 mm variant.
  • Negative depiction for images on backgrounds above a halftone or grey scale from 60 % to 100 %


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