The foundation of Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH (CAC) was laid back in 1811. The craftsman Johann Samuel Schwalbe founded a machine manufacture in Chemnitz (Saxony) from which the famous "Germania" engineering works emerged.

From 1964 onwards, chemical plants were designed, constructed, delivered and commissioned for various markets at home and abroad. Anlagenbau Chemnitz developed into a specialized company for engineering and construction of chemical plants on an international scale.

In 1990, following the social and economic changes after the reunification of Germany, the company was taken over by the Lurgi Group in Frankfurt-am-Main, a traditional engineering company which operated worldwide. Over the following 15 years, many major projects were completed independently and in cooperation with Lurgi.

Since 1 April 2004, when the company was re-established within the framework of a management buy-out (MBO), we have been operating in the traditional business segments again. We look back on a tradition of more than 50 years on the international market. Our more than 250 engineers in Chemnitz – more than 600 worldwide – are continuing the successful history of the enterprise.

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