CAC supports the Chemnitzer Bürgerfest, which, from 23 – 25/08/2019, will show just how diverse, attractive and pleasant to live in our city is.

Chemnitzer Bürgerfest 2019
CAC supports the Chemnitzer Bürgerfest "Herzschlag" (©Chemnitzer Bürgerfest e.V.)

This week sees the staging of the “Herzschlag - Das Chemnitzer Bürgerfest” festival in the city centre, organised by volunteers. With no public funding, the event has been organised by Chemnitz restaurateurs, businesspeople and interested citizens as a replacement for the cancelled Stadtfest. “Chemnitz is vibrant and has a heart”, declare the 15 organisers. Now the aim is for the heartbeat of all citizens to fill the city this weekend.

“Filling Chemnitz city centre with tolerant, peaceful and cultural interaction is in all of our interests. Privately and as a businessman, I am delighted by this positive commitment to our city and gladly support it,” states Jörg Engelmann, managing director of CAC.

Eleven activity areas from Hartmannstraße into the city centre will feature interactive events, family fun and a wide range of live music. However, the focus will be upon local artists and musicians.

Programme of the Chemnitzer Bürgerfest “Herzschlag“:

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