Project management

Depending on the nature of a project, we set up a team of experts to suit the specific project requirements.

The objective of a successful project management is the satisfaction of the client, first and foremost. We achieve that goal by rendering the contractually specified services and supplies in conformity with stipulated quality requirements and in adherence to the applying safety requirements and environmental standards. All our measures are focused on keeping the time schedules and working within the specified budget.

We possess a highly qualified and experienced project management team. The project manager is fully responsible for ensuring that all objectives and results will be achieved. In his function he is the prime person to be contacted with regard to all technical, schedule-related and contractual aspects vis-à-vis the client.

The project manager guides and instructs the lead engineers of the project team and takes all the professional and disciplinary decisions for the project.

The project manager gets direct support by the following organisational units using the most current software systems: 

  • Scheduling and Progress Controlling
  • Cost Controlling
  • Document Management
Standby Server