Natural Gas Storage Facilities

Underground gas storage facilities are designed for two major purposes: first, to store gas when the demand is low, second, to provide gas when the demand increases, e.g.:

  • Balance the seasonal variations in gas demand (summer/winter),
  • Various consumers need to be supplied with natural gas at short notice,
  • Network variations need to be compensated or a constant pressure needs to be maintained in the pipeline,
  • The supply of gas has to be maintained in case of interruption at production facilities or transport systems.

Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH engages in the design and building of surface facilities – i.e. all items of equipment used in the main gas flow as well as the associated auxiliary and ancillary installations - for gas reservoirs.


The main purpose of underground gas storage facilities is to store a certain quantity of gas taken from the pipeline system during periods with only a low demand for gas and to deliver the gas back into the system when the demand increases.

Both, the injected gas and the gas withdrawn into/from the storage has to meet the specific quality as specified in the applicable standards (e.g. EASEE gas as German standard DVGW G 260) for marketable natural gas.

Depending on the gas flow rates to be handled and the pressures existing in the pipeline and in the gas storage, the following principal modes of operation may be used:

  • Injection without gas compression
  • Injection with gas compression
  • Withdrawal without gas compression
  • Withdrawal with gas compression

In addition to these principal modes of operation, various special test modes may be used. The scope depends on the specific requirements for a given gas storage.

Main sections of the surface facilities are the well sites and the onsite plant with installations for gas compression and gas treatment.


  • We offer you the most suitable plant concept providing:
    • Great flexibility,
    • Optimum adaptation of the facility to varying gas flow rates,
    • High cost-efficiency
    • Maximum availability and reliability.
  • Multiple-line plant sections and modular construction ensure:
    • easy adaptation to changing gas flow rates,
    • redundancy in case of failure of individual components and
    • the possibility to expand the gas reservoir facility in steps.
  • Apart from process aspects, great attention has been paid to environmental issues, in particular to noise control, minimisation of gas emissions and economic operation.
  • The plant concept allows a manfree operation and monitoring of the equipment by remotely controlling from a central control room.
  • The safety systems are based on a redundant design and ensure an automatic shut down of the facility in the event of operating problems.

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